Apple Picking at Verger Labonté Orchard... and OOTD

Le Verger Labonté 
Here are the types of apples available at certain periods of the season and for what kind of preparations. For instance, McIntosh, Redcort, Royal Cort and Cortland are great for a crunchy raw snack, cooking and making juices and cider  :) We went ahead picking McIntosh, Lobo and Paulared, having in mind we are most likely making baked goods and apple butter !
Corn Field Labyrinth. We had fun getting lost and finding clues in the maze in order to exit it. We can spend all day playing hide and seek here!
Autumn OOTD: Denim Collar (Zara)  / Grey Knit (F21) / Bag (Aldo) / Skirt (AA) / Tights (Japan) / Combat Boots (Topshop)

Climbing up the trees, and found an apple that has received lots of love ! 
Little Lady Bug! What are you doing there :)?
Little cute animal farm nearby :)
 Vietnamese piggy says Oink Oink :)
Hey buddy :)

Over the weekend, we decided to drive down Verger Labonté located in Notre Dame de l'Île Perrot--about a 30 min drive from where I live--for apple picking. It was perfect time for such activity between mid-August and October. The last time I have been was when I was five years-old--YES, IT HAS BEEN TOO LONG!-- in Elementary school with my teacher Marie. I was really small and too afraid to climb up the ladders. Now returning to an apple orchard feels quite nostalgic. I had so much fun  
walking through tall corn stalks, getting lost in the maze, tasting different apples on the site and returning back home to bake some apple goodies with good company. Nothing beats a short but sweet weekend.


AVEDA CONGRESS 2014 Montreal and recently at the salon

Aveda Congress with the new Culture Clash feat. Ray Civello, Tristan Morrison, Morgan Roy, and DJ Muldoon in March 2014 here in Montreal. What an inspiring show!

Recently I'm working really hard at Aveda Academy while still working as a nurse. It's really tough these days, but I will keep moving forward despite the ups and downs. Je fonce! I am an Aries, remember?  
Lena's back with her darker brown hair and Niv became my guinea for the lilac ombre I've been literally dying to give her . It took some time to create but I felt happy and satisfied of the result! It turned out rather well and Niv pulled it off quite well! I would probably look like a cartoon if I had purple hair. Glad she loved it but it was quite high maintenance eek.

Until next time! 

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